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Bitcoin Stories

Impressed with the knowledge you have and provide to all of us! The conviction is important too! ? . Let’s wait for those closing candles and rise up! as time goes by the great music selection for the podcast starts to create identity! Love to listen to it Thanks!

Hugo Alexandre Cruz

Always great to see your podcasts Hugo! Thanks again and can’t wait for the new ATH.

Javiera Carolina

I follow Bitcoin for some years, but i know very little about TA, but somehow, I feel that I can understand your analysis pretty well. So, thanks for the videos, and keep up the good work 🙂

Tiago Résio Alves

What a f***ing big entrance. Very profissional. Only today I realized that you need and deserve likes and comments here on YouTube. I always comment in the Telegram group but here you can reach more people for your videos. This Chanel is gonna be big, very big. It’s unbelievable how few discovered this quality content. This is a gem, soon you will be rewarded. Lucky of me to know you and your content!!! ?

Alexandre Graça